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One Year-Old Boy Rescued after Mother Post Video on Facebook of Her Hanging Him Briefly to Get Fathers Attention



Neighbours and officials check on the safety of an abused toddler in Lat Krabang district of Bangkok on Friday evening. Photo Som Su

BANGKOK – Police and Social Workers have rescued a one-year-old boy after a video clip of his mother hanging him briefly to get the attention of her husband went viral on Friday, the eve of Mother’s Day.

Police, social workers and volunteers rushed to the residence of the woman on Soi Chalong Krung 39 in Lat Krabang district of Bangkok to save the boy.

A volunteer reported on his Facebook page late Friday that child-care workers from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration were going to take the toddler from his mother.

The rescue followed a Facebook post by a woman who identified herself as the child’s grandmother. She called on anyone who saw her message to help save her grandson from her daughter-in-law.

The post included a clip of a video call the boy’s mother made to her husband, in which she demanded he take care of his son and answer her call.

In the clip, the boy is seen looking at a mobile phone he was holding. A black rope is fastened to his neck. The woman then lifts the boy up to shoulder height, grabs the cord and keeps the boy hanging in the air for seven seconds while he screams, before throwing him on a mattress.

The boy is seen crying loudly with pain and choking. The woman continued to record his cries as he lay on the mattress.

The woman then tells the man over the phone that the boy was still alive only because she allowed it to be so. But if he still failed to pick up the boy or reply to her, she said she would kill the child elsewhere because she was stressed and going mad.

Source: Bangkok Post, Facebook, Zom Su


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