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Men in Nazi Uniforms at Bangkok Mall Stirs Israeli Embassy



The owner of Central World Mall in Bangkok have issued a statement after an even went from bad to worse. Saying it had nothing to do with 2 men in Nazi German uniforms at the event.

Central Pattana Plc insisted it had nothing to do with two men in Nazi uniforms at the event.

The statement was issued after the Israeli embassy condemned the event and photos. Israel’s ambassador to Thailand said in contrast ignorance is to blame.

Taking to Twitter, Thailand’s Israeli Embassy in Bangkok quoted ambassador Meir Shlomo saying he was “disappointed to see the sad re-occurrence of incidents. Above all in which Nazi symbols are displayed on random occasions in Thailand”.

“Needless to say, that this is an insult to the 6 million Jews and other victims of the Nazi regime, and their relatives,” he said.  “There is yet a lot to be done in Thailand through proper education and public awareness,” read the same message.

Israeli Embassy in Bangkok took to Facebook

The same Facebook page later in the day updated its post by adding a paragraph reading: “In light of the apology that was given by one of the people in the photos, we have accepted his request and deleted the photos accordingly.”

Central World also said it was “appalled” by the images on Twitter. Consequently it copped criticism for describing the men dressed in “military-like uniforms” rather than in explicit Nazi regalia.

The mall’s statement also alleged the men were performing “obscene gestures”.

In 2016, Silpakorn University students cosplayed as Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler. Chulalongkorn University graduates in 2013 performed Nazi salutes for photos in front of a mural of “superheroes” which also included Hitler.

In early 2018, an idol singer also wore a Nazi war flag shirt during a rehearsal onstage. She later apologized and engaged in campaigns to raise awareness about the Holocaust.

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