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Man Who Allegedly Shot a Student in the Face then Raped his Girlfriend Surrenders to Thai Police



Rapist suspect Tissanu Thonarat, 30, wearing a red T-shirt, is interrogated by police at Na Mon police station on Friday. – Photo Yongyuth Phuphuangphet

KALASIN, Thailand – A 29 year-old Thai man who allegedly shot a male student, forcibly took his female companion to the bushes and allegedly raped her turned himself in to police in Central Thailand after three days on the run.

Suspect Tissanu Thonarat contacted Kalasin police, offering his surrender at a gas station where he was picked up and taken to Namon police station for interrogation today (Feb 16).

He was charged with attempted murder, carrying firearms in the public without a licence, illegal detention and rape.

Mr Tissanu admitted to all the charges. He told the police that he had a heated quarrel with his wife and had left the house for two days. On Tuesday night (Feb 13), he drank one bottle of 40 degrees whisky and took two methamphetamine pills and then drove his pickup truck aimlessly until he came across the two students riding on a motorcycle.

The suspect used his pickup truck to force the motorcycle to pull to a stop and he tried to drag the female student into his vehicle, but the male student intervened, so he shot him with his pistol and then forced the teenage girl into his truck.

The male student was seriously injured.

Mr Tissanu admitted that he then drove his vehicle to an isolated spot in the Phupan mountain range and then raped the student in his vehicle before letting her go.

After the incident was reported to the police, a manhunt was launched by police for the perpetrator who was regarded as a serious threat to the public because of the brazen nature of the crime.

Source: Thai PBS

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