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Man Runs Over His Neighbour Over Clothesline Dispute



Man kills neighbour over clothesline

A man quarreling over a clothesline has rammed his car into his neighbour killing him instantly. The incident occurred at a housing estate in Phra Nakhon Si, Ayutthaya.

Ayutthaya Police were called to the scene found the body of the victim, with broken legs and arms. The victim had been thrown about 50 meters away from his home.

The victim was identified a Mr. Suphan Yatbanthung, 57, a senior civil engineer with the Department of Rural Roads.

Video from a closed-circuit camera showed Suphan cleaning the area and watering plants in front of his house. His neighbour, Mr. Paiboon Sangsarn, 56, walked out of his house, spoke  with Mr. Suphan before going to his a car.

Two Young Boys in the Car

Mr Paiboon got into his car with 2 boys, backed up and then suddenly accelerated and ran over Mr. Suphan. He then sped off with the 2 boys inside the car.

The horrific video was posted to Facebook and has been widely shared. (See Below)

Police later found Mr Paiboon’s car abandoned at a football filed, about three kilometres away from the scene.

The victims wife, Ms. Pankamol Rassamee, 44, said she was cooking inside the house when she heard a loud crash. She rushed out to check and found her husband lying dead on the pavement, the Bangkok Post reports.

She said she couldn’t believed the man would intentionally ram his car into her husband over a clothesline.

The family has lived in the housing estate for 8 years and had no conflict with anyone, Ms. Pankamol said. Her husband was supervising a road project in Chiang Mai and was always away from home.

An initial police investigation found that Mr Paiboon, had a heated quarreled with Suphan over a clothesline.

The car used in the incident allegedly belonged to a neighbour. The neighbour had hired Mr Paiboon take the two boys to the football field.

Police in Ayutthaya are still looking for the suspect.


Ayutthaya Man Runs Over His Neighbour after Heated Quarrel