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Man Jumps to His Death After Heated Argument With Girlfriend



BANGKOK – A 34 year-old Thai man committed suicide by jumping from an elevated road above Rama IX Road in Bangkok. He reportedly jumped to his death after a heated argument with his girlfriend.

Police were informed of the incident about 12.40am. The man’s body was found lying on the inbound section of Rama IX Road near Rama IX intersection. He was wearing a black T-shirt and blue shorts.

He was identified as Pudis Latthasaksiri, a salesman working for a telecommunications company.

Nearby, police found a black Mazda 2 car and his girlfriend Praipana crying inside.

Police said the man had picked Ms Praipana and they were heading for his residence. They had a heated argument on the way home and the man said he wanted to die.

He stopped his car on the elevated road, got out and jumped to his death, falling onto Rama IX Road. Police were still investigating the suicide.

Woman Sets Herself on Fire

Meanwhile, a 32-year-old woman attempted suicide in south central Thailand poured petrol over her body and set herself on fire.

Horrified neighbors rushed to douse the flames with buckets of water, and called emergency services.

The woman, identified later as a Patcharporn Khuprasert, was writhing on the ground in pain. With burns to an estimated 60% of her body.

On Monday night she was spotted standing near the crematorium incinerator at Wat Laem Tai.

She tried to cast herself into the oven, but people intervened and later took her to her home.

Source: Bangkok Post


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