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Karma’s a Bitch, Man Wanted for Assault on Teenage Girl Caught 2 Months Before Statute of Limitations Ran-Out on His Crime



BANGKOK – Karma for a 36 year-old bus driver caught up with him yesterday after he was arrested for the indecent assault on a teenage girl almost 15 years ago, two month before the statute of limitations was to run out for his crime.

Mr. Sukhachot Khunnasil, 36, wanted on an arrest warrant for indecent assault and depriving a girl aged under 18 of parental care, was apprehended in Bangkok yesterday.

According to the Bangkok Post the alleged offence took place on July 4, 2004 when Mr Sukhachot, then a motorcycle taxi driver, is accused of luring a 16-year-old girl from her house and committing indecent assault. The victim’s parents filed a complaint after becoming aware of the incident, said Pol Col Marut Kanchanakhanthakul, superintendent of the Anti-Human Trafficking Division’s sub-division 1.

The suspect was on the run for almost 15 years, and the statute of limitations for the case would expire on July 4, said Pol Col Marut.

During the interrogation, Mr Sukhachot allegedly admitted to the charges. He was taken to Khukhod police station for legal action.

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