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Former Miss Teen Thailand Amelia Jacobs Arrested on Drug Charges



Former  Miss Teen Thailand 2006 Amy Amelia Jacobs and her boyfriend Jacobs Punyawat Hiruntecha, 40, were arrested on Tuesday (Sept 19) after 191 police raided her home and found her with 70 grams of crystal methamphetamine, or “ice” and 16 ecstasy pills and a scale.

The raid followed the arrest of Nat alias Benz near Soi Sukhonthasawat last night in Lat Phrao district with 0.6 gramme of “Ice” or crystal methamphetamine. He confessed to the police that he bought the drug from Amy Amelia’s boyfriend, Punyawat.

A Sting operation was then plotted by 191 police to buy drugs from Punyawat and this led them to the house owned by the former Miss Teen Thailand.

At the house, police said they found Amy and Punyawat inside.

Punyawat confessed to be in the drug trade for a year. He said he bought 100 grammes of Ice from a friend at 40,000 baht, and sold at 800 baht a gram.

While Amy claimed she was not a drug dealer but just a drug user. She said she never bought drug but the drug she used was given by friends in the same profession.

She said she was addicted to drugs for a year.

Both will be charged for having drug under Category 1 in possession and for use.

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