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Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation Calls for Year Round Drunk Driving Campaigns



BANGKOK – Road accidents in Thailand have already claimed 2,901 lives since Jan 1, showing the campaign against drink driving should be year-round not just during festivals and holidays, Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation secretary-general Dr Taejing Siripanich, said on Tuesday.

He said 64 people died on the roads on Monday alone, the highest one-day toll so far this year.

In an interview with Daily News online, Dr Taejing said unofficial figures compiled by the Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation, with the help of its networks throughout the country, showed as many as 2,901 people had died as a result of road accidents from Jan 1 to March 27.

The death toll from road accidents in January was 947, an average of 31 per day, and the February figure was 850, an average of 30 per day, he said.

From March 1 to March 27, a total of 1,104 people were killed, an average of 40 per day.  The number of deaths on March 27 alone was 64.

The foundation has urged the government to campaign against drink driving throughout the year, not just during festivals, he said.

The week-long campaign during the New Year that allowed authorities to temporarily impound the vehicles of drunk drivers proved to be successful in terms of stimulating public awareness about alcohol and driving, Dr Taejing Siripanich said.

However, road accidents did not happen only during festive seasons like the New Year and Songkran. They could occur at any time throughout the year, and do.

Therefore the road safety campaign should be continued throughout the year, if it was to effectively bring down the number of road fatalities, he said.

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