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Day 2 of Thailand’s “7 Dangerous Days” 92 Dead, 1107 Injured



The accumulated statistics showed that 1,053 accidents happened on Thursday and Friday, killing 92 people and injuring 1,107.

CHIANG RAI – On the  second day of Thailand’s  “7 Dangerous days” period from December 28-January 3  accidents claimed another 49 lives and 609 injuries.

Fatal accidents in two days raised total death toll to 92 deaths, and 1,107 injuries in a total of 1,053 traffic accidents.

The first day already claimed 43 lives and over 500 injuries from a total of 477 cases of traffic accidents on highways and roads throughout the country on December 28.

Road Safety Centre deputy director Karun Sakulpradit said 49 people died and 609 were injured in a total of 576 traffic incidents yesterday, the second day of the safety driving campaign.

He said the main cause of the fatal accidents remained to be drink driving (42.19%), followed by speeding (23.25%).

He said motorcycles continued to be the vehicle that involved in most fatal traffic accidents (77.57%), and pickup trucks (6.07%).

He said most fatal accidents happened on straight sections of highways (40.80%), and secondary roads (32.12%).

Time of high accidents is between 4.00pm and 8.00pm (32.81%).

He said Nakhon Si Thammarat has the highest accumulated traffic accidents of 44 cases, while Si Sa Ket has the highest death toll of seven deaths.

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