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Daughter Finds Mother at Protection Centre for the Destitute after 30 Years



Her mother had visited her regularly at first, and then disappeared when she was in Prathom 4.

PHITSANULOK – Chotika Katesit, 50, a resident of Sai Mai district of Bangkok has finally found her mother at the Protection Centre for the Destitute in Wang Thong district, after three decades of searching.

Chotika Katesit, a member of a soap opera supporting cast, went to the centre after learning that an elderly woman had been taken in there after she was found begging around Phitsanulok train station.

Information about her mother had been shared on the Facebook account of Si Satchanalai community of Sukhothai province, where Nipa Kongma, 67, originally lived.

Ms Chotika had earlier gone to Si Satchanalai in search of her mother, but found only her auntie-in-law – who had no idea where her mother might be.

Upon seeing Ms Nipa on Wednesday, Ms Chotika rushed to hug her, and gleefully informed centre staff that she was indeed Ms Nipa’s daughter.

In 2007, Ms Chotika had managed to track down her mother’s identification card number and obtain a copy of her photo from Sai Mai district. She took an enlarged copy of the black-and-white photo in a frame and her house registration showing Ms Nipa as her mother’s name as evidence to obtain her discharge from the centre.

Ms Chotika said her father was shot dead when she was three years old, so Ms Nipa took her with her to Bangkok and got a job on a construction site. Her mother gave young Chotika to the contractor for adoption so she would get an education.

Her mother had visited her regularly at first, and then disappeared when she was in Prathom 4.

Ms Chotika had stayed with the adoptive family until she was 12 years-old. She held several jobs while working her way through secondary school in the non-formal education sector.

She later learned Thai massage and took up acting, finally getting work as a member of the supporting cast in several soap operas produced by Samsearn Co. Her most recent is Si Yod Ku Man, a children’s  folk opera. When not needed at the studio, she works as a masseuse.

Sisuda Ploypradub, director of Phitsanulok Protection Centre for the Destitute, said the centre was happy for Ms Nipa, whose daughter had shown adequate proof of their relationship.

Destitute persons could also be discharged if they were accepted by relatives, not just their children, she said.


By Chinnawat Singha

The Bangkok Post

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