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Corruption Commission Finds Its Deputy Secretary to Be Unusually Rich

After reviewing the corruption case, Thailand’s National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) decided there was asset concealment and recommended he be indicted.



BANGKOK – Thailand’s National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has recommended indicting its deputy secretary-general Prayat Puangjumpa for being unusually rich.

Mr Prayat was found to have amassed vast wealth way beyond his office totaling more than US $7.3 Million. Including a US$ 450,000 townhouse in central London the NACC secretary-general.

The NACC accused Mr Prayat of concealing his assets by omitting them from his mandatory declaration to the NACC.

Accrding to the Bangkok Post the assets which were undeclared were found to have been held by Mr Prayat’s wife, Thanipa.

The NACC divided the assets into six items, four of which were overseas.

The NACC said on Thursday it discovered 89 deposits had been made to Kasikornbank bank account before Mr Prayat submitted his asset declaration. After that, another 88 deposits went into the account.

The NACC was later alerted by the Anti-Money Laundering Office about irregular financial transactions by Ms Thanipa.

The NACC became suspicious that Mr Prayat may have filed a false asset declaration in 2017.

Mr Prayat said that after making his asset declaration in 2017, he re-submitted without any intention to conceal his assets.

Mr Warawit said Mr Prayat was invited to respond to the corruption allegations against him. However, Mr Prayat denied he was given that chance.

After reviewing the corruption case, the NACC decided there was asset concealment and recommended he be indicted.

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