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Cobra Gold 2015 Joint Military Exercises End in Lop Buri



Cobra Gold 2015' joint military exercise ends

Cobra Gold 2015′ joint military exercise ends


LOP BURI – Cobra Gold 2015 has held it’s closing ceremonies, with Thailand’s Defence Forces Chief Gen Worapong Sanganetra saying he was satisfied with the ‘Cobra Gold 2015’ joint military exercise and that every other participating country was also satisfied and would join the war games again next year.

Participating countries agreed that next year’s exercise should be a ‘Heavy Year’ exercise type, said Gen Worapong at the end of the current exercise.

About 10,600 soldiers from seven countries including the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand took part in the exercise, which has run for 34 years.

Six countries including Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei and Pakistan sent observers to this year’s joint military exercise.

Personnel from China and India also joined the drills involving providing humanitarian and disaster assistance.

Gen Worapong told journalists that the participation by American soldiers in the just concluded ‘Cobra Gold 2015’ showed that relations between the US and the Thai military remain warm.

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