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Chiang Mai Sodomy Killer Arrested



Phra Chusri, the man admitting to the murder of Miss Samorn

Phra Chusri, the man admitting to the murder of Miss Samorn


CHIANG MAI – Pol Lt Gen Thanitsak Theerasawat, Chief of Provincial Police Region 5, in Chiang Mai has reported that Mr. Para Chusri, 52, was arrested on Thursday and charged with the murder of a 33-year-old Samorn Khlangdet.

Samorn Khlangdet

Samorn Khlangdet

Phra Chusri, 52, a resident of Chon Buri’s Bang Lamung district, was presented at a police press conference in Chiang Mai City.

Pol Lt Gen Thanitsak Theerasawat, said Mr.Phra Chusri was apprehended around noon on Thursday during a police raid on a guesthouse in tambon Chang Moi in Chiang Mai’s Muang district.

Police also seized a mobile phone belonging to the victim, a motorcycle and clothes he wore on the day he allegedly killed Miss Samorn, police said his image was captured by a closed-circuit television camera.

Samorn Khlangdet, 33, from Chiang Mai, was found lying face down on the bathroom floor of a hotel room on Chang Klan Road in Muang district on Tuesday.

An autopsy found the woman had bruises to her face and severe cuts to her vagina and anal area. An empty glass water bottle was found inside an abdominal cavity. Doctors said severe bleeding from her vagina and rectum was the cause of death.

Hotel staff earlier told police the two had checked in early on April 13, and the man left around 9:45am, hotel staff found Miss Samorn’s body around noon on April 14.


During interrogation, Mr Phra told police he had met the victim at a bar and she later agreed to go the hotel with him. They drank alcohol in the room. He confessed that he had put Valium in the drink, causing both of them to lose control, according to police.

He claimed he was unaware that the woman had died when he left the room.

Pol Lt Gen Thanitsak said he also confessed to committing similar atrocities on two other woman but they didn’t die.

Police believe the other victims never report the crime due to being so ashamed, and expect the number of victims to be more than two.

Investigators were expanding their inquiries as they believed the suspect might have committed similar crimes previously in Chon Buri and Bangkok, where complaints had been filed with police.

Police asked people who believe they may have been among his victims to come forward and see if they can identify him at Chiang Mai police station.

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