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Bangkok Pretty “Lunlabelle” Died from Extreme Alcohol Intoxication

Bangkok police said that “Lunlabelle” had a blood alcohol concentration of 418 milligrams per 100 milliliters – a level that can cause unconsciousness and death.



BANGKOK – A police coroner has reported that Thitima “Lunlabelle” Noraphanpiphat,died from Extreme alcohol intoxication. The preliminary results of her autopsy were released Monday.

Police said the preliminary findings of the autopsy, say she died of alcohol poisoning. No other “Drugs” were found and there was no evidence of assault.

A police source said she had a blood alcohol concentration of 418 milligrams per 100 milliliters. A level that can cause unconsciousness and death, the Bangkok Post reported.

The 25-year-old pretty was found dead last Tuesday morning in the lobby of a condominium building. A male pretty Rachadech “Nam Oun” Wongtabutr  was captured on video leaving her in the lobby.

Security camera footage showed Rachadech entering the building last Monday evening with “Lunlabelle” apparently unconscious. He took her up to his room on the sixth floor. Hours later he carried her back into the lobby and placed her on a sofa.

Mr Rachadech told police he and “Lunlabelle” were at a perty where she was paid to serve drinks. He admitted taking her to his room, but said they were both drunk and nothing happened.

Alcohol Intoxication took Life of Bangkok ‘Pretty’ Lunlabelle

Pol Maj Gen Samrit on Monday refused to say if Mr Rachadech was the only suspect in the case. He said more people would be arrested if the evidence justified it.

He also remained silent on the charges against the suspect, saying only that they might be one more charges. The Bangkok native faces charges of carelessness leading to the death of a person; indecent behavior with another person; and detaining a person against their will.

A charge of murder was also possible as the suspect failed to help Miss Thitima when her life was in danger.

Investigators are also checking data from a smartwatch worn by Miss Thitima. Pol Maj Gen Samrit refused to reveal the details and their relevance to the case.

Lunlabelle’s father, on Monday gave police, who are handling the investigation, one of his daughter’s brassieres, to be used to compare with other items of evidence.


Video on the Bangkok Pretty Lunlabelle

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