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Bangkok Police Ban High-Pressure Water Guns for Songkran



Police Seized 48 high-pressure water guns from Khao San Road

Police Seized 48 high-pressure water guns from Khao San Road


BANGKOK – Thailand’s Consumer Protection Division of the Royal Thai Police has reported that people caught selling high-pressure water guns could be jailed for up to five years and/or fined Bt500,000. People who imported such water guns could be jailed for up to 10 years and/or fined Bt1 million.

The division announced the seizure of 48 high-pressure water guns from Khao San Road. It said police went to Khao San and Klong Thom to campaign for safe use of water guns during Songkran.

Meanwhile, a road-safety centre monitoring road accidents during the so-called seven dangerous days of Songkran – yesterday until Wednesday – was launched yesterday at the Interior Ministry’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department in a bid to minimise road deaths and injuries.

The centre is promoting the theme “mindfulness, discipline, generosity and safety during Songkran to continue the Thai tradition” and is focusing on an “area approach” to road safety management, strict law enforcement, intensive social pressure against accident-risky behaviour and promoting safe water splashing.

Accident Prevention Network Office director Phrommin Kanthiya reported that there were 15,680 road accidents in the past five years that injured 16,859 people and killed 1,599.

Last Songkran saw 2,992 accidents that killed 326 people and injured 3,225, he said while urging for multi-party community checkpoints to be promoted.

He also urged people to view useful road-safety information at or call 02 588 3769.

The National Institute for Emergency Medicine will double emergency manpower during Songkran, particularly in major accident-prone provinces.

There will be 159,854 emergency medicine personnel – 1,593 doctors, 18,823 nurses and 127,709 volunteers.

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