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Bangkok Police Arrest Man Who Viciously Kicked 4 Year-Old Boy in the Head



A man has been arrested and charged with kicking a young boy in the head while walking on Ramkhamhaeng Road on Sunday.

BANGKOK – Police have arrested a man believed to have viciously kicked and knocked down a 4-year-old boy walking with his grandmother on a footpath in Bangkok, after a two-day hunt.

Somsak Naudom, also known as Bang Run, allegedly admitted he kicked the child while he was walking near Ramkhamhaeng Soi 83/5 on Ramkhamhaeng Road on Sunday afternoon, police said.

He told police under interrogation that he was stressed out.

A passing car dash cam captured Somsak leaving on a Baht Bus after he kicked the little boy in the head.

Surveillance cameras caught clear footage of the attack and police used it to track him eventually to Chachoengsao,Province in Central Thailand where he was arrested on Tuesday.

When questioned at Hua Mak police station in Bangkok he said he was stressed at the time, and gave conflicting accounts of the incident, according to police. They planned to contact his father to see if he had information that could help, and the suspect would be medically examined to assess his mental condition.

Somsak Naudom, was charged with kicking a young boy in the head while walking on Ramkhamhaeng Road on Sunday,

His action drew heavy criticism on social media, after a video recorded by a passing car was posted online, showing he kicked the boy in the head as he walked passed, knocking him down, for no apparent reason.

The boy’s grandmother rushed him to a hospital where doctors found he had swelling to the head and advised his condition be closely monitored at home.

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