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Animal Shelter Staff Accuse Boss of Being Barking Mad



Police on Sunday were summoned to an animal shelter operated by a Frenchman Michael Chour, 50, and his 35 year-old wife Tanyanun. A worker at “The Sound of Animals” shelter claimed the staff were being kept captive by the owner.

Savoey, 41, who is employed at “The Sound of Animals” shelter told police that the shelter has a staff of 15 looking after the dogs. They take care of 15 to 20 animals, feeding, bathing and exercising them for a monthly salary of Bt10,000. While they are satisfied with the salary, they have to put up with the Frenchman’s frequent angry outbursts.

She said staff are frequently bitten by the dogs but the Frenchman won’t let them go to hospital until after their shifts. The bitten staff also have to pay for the hospital visits by themselves, the Nation Reported.

Savoey went to the police after the Frenchman ordered the staff into the shelters kennel and refused to let them leave as a punishment. Saying because the only water was outside, they became dehydrated.

Ms.Tanyanun, the Frenchman’s wife, admitted that her husband had a quick temper.

However she said the workers must do the jobs for which they are paid. “If the dogs don’t get enough care, he gets mad,” she said. “But the claim that they were detained is untrue. The doors weren’t locked so they could have gone out anytime they wanted.”

Frenchman Michael Chour Arrived a Decade Ago

According to its website, The Sound of Animals trace its beginnings to over a decade ago when Michael Chour arrived in Buriram, Thailand. He was immediately drawn to the dog meat trade that was still legal and in existence.

Through the years, he became an advocate of the fight against dog consumption. When the dog meat trade was outlawed in Thailand, the dogs of the slaughterhouses in the area were released.

The Sound of Animals is rooted in the well-being of all animals in our care. Including survivors of the Dog/Cat Meat Trade. Extending kindness and support to all people involved in our shared vision.

Humanity is all-encompassing : This is the reason we invest in the youth of today. Who will weave the strands of moral fiber in the society of tomorrow. In doing so, all animals can live in the hope for greater compassion and love.

Source: The Nation

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