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Animal Protection Bill Becomes Law in Thailand



BANGKOK – The Military Government of Thailand,  (NLA) has published the anti Animal abuse and Animal welfare Bill in the Royal Gazette, signifying that the country now has an animal protection law.The proposed bill was approved by the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) on November 12, before being issued in the Royal Gazette on December 26.
According to the Royal Gazette, the major reasons for issuance of the anti animal abuse law are that animals have feelings and are also an important part of the environment. They therefore should be protected against torture.The law stipulates that owners must provide their animals with proper welfare in accordance with their species throughout the periods of raising, transport and utilization of the animals.

Anyone found to have abused animals without appropriate reasons will face a fine of up to 40,000 baht or a jail term of up to two years or both. The law is in effect from today.

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