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74,000 Police to Be Deployed Over New Year’s “7 Dangerous Days”



Thailand’s Deputy national police chief, Pol Gen Suwat Chaengyodsuk has reported that more than 74,000 police will be deployed over the New Year. Police will attempt to reduce the number of road casualties during the 7 dangerous day. Every New Year’s holiday citizens take to the roads to return home to visit family.

Police nationwide will strictly enforce traffic laws and press charges against violators, TNA reports.

Ten offenses are to be enforced; including speed driving; drunk driving and driving without safety belt or licenses. Also, police will be rigid in testing drivers’ alcohol level.

The so-called ‘Seven Dangerous Days’ during the New Year holiday start from December 27 and end next January 2.

Volunteers will also be available to assist people travelling home during the festival and at bus and at train stations, he added.

7 Dangerous Days Road Deaths 2018 -2019

The Road Safety Directing Center reported 463 people died on roads during New Years last year. – Infamously called the “7 Dangerous Days.” A total of 3,892 people were injured in 3,791 accidents, the center reported.

Drunk driving and speeding remain the top causes for traffic accidents at 40.4 percent and 28.3 percent.

Altogether, 15,805 people were killed on Thai roads in 2018, an increase of 352 people over 2017. It made for daily average fatalities of 43.3 people, while 66.1 died on average during New Year’s.

The “7 Dangerous Days” mark the New Year’s holidays, when many people travel countrywide to their hometowns.

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