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28 Injured after Passenger Bus Rams Into the Back of a Freight Truck in Central Thailand




PHICHIT – Twenty eight people have been injured after their bus collided into the rear of a 10-wheel freight truck then careened onto a ditch early Saturday according to local reports.

Police said the Phitsanulok-bound bus loaded with passengers rammed into the back of the 10-wheel truck. The force of the crash caused the two vehicles to skid off the road and plunge into the roadside ditch where they struck a large tree.

Twenty-eight people, including 25 passengers, the drivers of the two vehicles and a bus helper were hurt, local media reported.

Officers were questioning the drivers of both vehicles to find out more about the cause.

One of the injured said the driver drove over speed limits for several times. She said most of the passengers were sleeping when the accident happened and woke up in shock, only to find themselves stuck in the bus.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Inter province bus accidents take up most of road accidents in Thailand. Fatigue driving and speeding are the main causes.

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