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Mining Company Abandons Plans after Fierce Protests



CHIANG RAI: ​​A lignite mining company has dropped plans to transport 5,200 tonnes of coal every day from Burma through Mae Fa Luang and Mae Chan district after fierce local protests. Saraburi Coal Co Pakon Ruamthong representative told authorities of the decision at a meeting yesterday. The company tried unsuccessfully for two years to convince residents to allow the transport of imported coal.

The company plans to use up to 200 six-wheel trucks and 10 a day to take the lignite mine in Mong Kok, in eastern Shan State, by Mong Kao Ban Mae Fa Luang Lang and use tambon Pa Sang in Mae Chan as a transit point.

Lignite would be supplied to cement plants in Saraburi.

The protesters, including former beauty queen Parnpradub Preeyanuch, who has a house in Pa Sang, lignite worried that pollute air and water route.

The company, a subsidiary of Public Italthai Co, proposed covering the coal in trucks with canvas and speed limits for trucks to 25 miles per hour as it passes through the communities.

Mr. Pakon said the company will now ask the Burmese authorities to allow the lignite to be transported through the town of Tachilek, opposite Mae Sai district in Chiang Rai, in his place.

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