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Man Shot and Killed in Northern Thailand Over Loud Radio



police, Man Shot and Killed in Northern Thailand Over Loud Radio

Police report a man has allegedly shot and killed another man who told him to turn down his radio at a golf cart repair shop in northern Thailand’s Phitsanulok province.

Police investigators said the shooting occurred about 7.40pm at the cart repair shop at the Silver Star golf course, run by Provincial Police Region 6, in northern Thailand’s Phitsanulok province.

Witnesses told police that Mr Pongthep Phloiprasong, 46, told another worker, Te Aw, 37, to turn down his radio, saying the loud noise was annoying.

Mr Te Aw allegedly took a short shotgun from under a lawn mower near him and fired one shot at Mr Pongthep, inflicting a serious wound. The victim died later at Phrom Phiram Hospital in Phitsanulok .

Mr Te Awe was arrested and charged with murder.

Earlier this month a monk was disrobed and charged with murder after shooting a man dead at a meditation center in northern Thailand’s Phitsanulok.

The monk was in charge of a Buddhist meditation had a long-standing argument the deceased at the dharma centre in Noen Maprang district of Phitsanulok.

Police investigators, said the shooting at Suthewadi Ratchathani Buddhist Meditation Centre in Wang Prong village was reported to police about 10am. A police team, rescue workers and a doctor were quickly sent there.

Phra Sitthikorn Yankhrue, 41, the monk in charge of the centre, was waiting for them to arrive. He surrendered a shotgun to police and gave himself up. Mr Phadung Thongbo, 67, was lying dead on the ground with gunshot wounds.

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