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Man Sets Himself Afire After Bid to Reconcile with Wife Fails



Man Sets Himself Afire After Bid to Reconcile with Wife Fails

Police in northern Thailand were called to a home of a burning house after a man set himself afire his wife refused reconciliation. Police were alerted on Monday to the fire at a house in Ban Mai Jaroen Suk village in Lampang province.

Firefighters took around 10 minutes to put out the flames in the wooden two-storey house, Asia One reports.

Police found the charred body of Sawas Wikaha, aged 59 years, a farmer and owner of the house in the damaged house. Police contacted his wife who reportedly said that they had separated for about four months. Sawas reportedly went to her and asked to get back together before the incident, but she refused.

One of the deceased’s relatives reportedly told officials that Sawas had been under a lot of stress after splitting up with his wife and they earlier had caught him buying a bottle of gasoline but he did not reveal the purpose. They took away the gasoline from him, but they suspected that Sawas might have bought a new bottle.

Police are investigating other evidence and have sent the body for autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Woman Gets Head Trapped in Display Box

Woman Gets Head Trapped in Display Box from Motorcycle Accident

An unlucky woman in southern Thailand got her head caught in a petrol station’s fuel price display after losing control of her motorcycle in Nakhon Si Thammarat.

A team of rescuers arrived at around 3pm to find Ms Warapond Nuansri, 29, with her head trapped inside the fuel display box at a PT petrol station. According to Thai Media the woman’s face was badly wounded.

Police said it took rescuers almost an hour to untangle her and transport her to hospital. Doctors at the local hospital said she is recovering nicely.

Investigation revealed that the woman had crashed into the concrete base of a sign near the petrol station at high speed. The crash sent her flying into the plastic fuel display sign with her head getting stuck in it.

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