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Health Department Reports a Record 98 Covid Deaths in 24 Hours



Health department,Covid-19 Delta Variant in Thailand Claims a Record 98 Lives in 24 Hours

Thailand’s public health department reported Wednesday the country had a record high of 98 covid-19 deaths and 9,186 new cases over the past 24 hours. There were 9,107 covid-19 cases in the general population and 79 among prison inmates.

Over the past 24 hours, 5,543 Covid-19 patients were diagnosed recovered and were discharged from hospitals.

Since April 1, around when the third wave of Covid-19 began, there have been 343,352 Covid-19 patients, 238,701 of whom have recovered. Since the pandemic started early last year, there have been 372,215 Covid-19 cases, 266,127 of whom recovered.

The death toll was at 2,938 in the third wave and 3,032 from the beginning of the pandemic early last year. The previous high of daily Covid-19 fatalities was at 91 on July 10 when the country logged 9,326 new infections.

Health department increase beds for patients

Meanwhile, the Public Health department has sped up plans to increase beds for patients with moderate and severe Covid-19 symptoms, to solve the bed shortage problem in Bangkok.

Dr Witoon Anankul, director of the ministry’s Public Health Department Emergency Operation Centre, said beds for patients with mild symptoms remained at around 20%, while other beds provided for patients, whose symptoms are above moderate, were around 10%.

In response to the matter, the ministry has sped up home isolation measures for patients with mild symptoms to free up beds for other groups of patients. The ministry also obtained more oxygen tanks.

The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) also plans to procure a million doses of Covid-19 vaccines within two weeks for people in Bangkok, while the Public Health Ministry has also pledged to solve the bed shortage crisis.

CCSA assistant spokeswoman Apisamai Srirangson on Wednesday said the vaccine plan set a target to vaccinate 70% of Bangkok’s population, but as of now vaccines have been given to only 43.6% since Feb 28.

The Disease Control Department said it plans to procure 500,000 doses by next week and get a further 500,000 the following week to vaccinate Bangkok’s remaining residents, Dr Apisamai said.

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