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Cleaner Finds Fetus of Baby Boy in Restroom Waste Bucket



Cleaner Finds Fetus of Baby Boy in Restroom Waste Bucket

Police have reported being called to investigate an abandoned baby fetus that was found in a waste bucket in a toilet cubical at the bus terminal in central Thailand Monday morning.

Pol Lt Col Suchart Yaemsak, the duty investigator, said the baby fetus was found by the cleaning staff.

Ms. Chutimon Pinyathai told police she arrived at work at 7:30 am and started to clean the restrooms. When she started cleaning she discovered something wrapped in a grey shirt in the wastebasket. Upon examination, she was horrified to discover it was the fetus of a baby boy.

She immediately reported it to her supervisor who then called the local police station.

Police then summoned medical staff from Kabin Buri Hospital in Prachin Buri to accompany police to the bus terminal.

Kabin Buri Hospital examiners said the fetus was male and approximately six months old. The medical examiner believes the child has died approximately five hours earlier.

Police investigators were examining CCTV security camera footage from the terminal to find the woman who abandoned the fetus in the restroom.

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Meanwhile, A newborn baby girl was found alive after being abandoned inside a bin bag in central Thailand.

Ms. Somboon Cheunthip, 62, told police she was visiting the market with her daughter when she noticed a large plastic bag moving on the corner of a road next to a blue plastic bin.

She initially thought a puppy was trapped inside then she heard a soft cry coming from the moving bag.

But as she unwrapped the bag, she was shocked to find a newborn baby girl sealed inside, with an umbilical cord still attached.

Rescue workers were called to the scene and cut the child’s umbilical cord and rushed her to hospital. The newborn is now in a healthy condition and is currently being monitored in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Police are looking through surveillance cameras and searching hospital records to track down the child’s mother.



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