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Two Thai Lawyers Busted Transporting 860Kg of Crystal Meth in Chiang Rai




CHIANG RAI – Police Maj Gen Panudet Boonruang, deputy commander of Provincial Police Region 5, has told a press briefing that a 29 year-old woman from Chiang Mai was arrested with 860kg of crystal methamphetamine’s.

Maj Gen Panudet said a black vehicle with Bangkok licence plates and a white refrigerated pickup truck with no licence plates – travelling along the route in the early hours of Tuesday.

The police gave chase and managed to stop the refrigerated pickup truck, that Ms Chayada Chaiwaenkhwaen, 29,was driving. Upon a search of the refrigerated vehicle officers found 860kg of crystal meth in 32 rucksacks.


Another team of police officers chased the first vehicle to a graveyard in Phan district of Chiang Rai, where the driver abandoned the pickup truck and fled into the darkness.  He was later identified as Ekkarat Pitakprai, 29, of Chiang Mai’s Mae Wang district.

Ms Chayada reportedly told police the two were smuggling the drugs from Chiang Rai’s Thoeng district to an agent in Chiang Mai and both she and Ekkarat were Lawyers.

Police Maj Gen Panudet said the two suspects had avoided using main roads and areas bordering Myanmar, opting instead to smuggle the drugs across the Mekong River to Wiang Kaen district of Chiang Rai.

There smuggling operation was foiled by a tip-off from a police informant that a drug gang was about to traffic a large quantity of illicit drugs through Chiang Rai province via the Mekong river.


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