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Tourists Flock to Chiang Saen’s Doi Sa-Ngo to View Sea of Fog



Morning breaks at Doi Sa-Ngo Photo by Popumon Tih

Morning breaks at Doi Sa-Ngo Photo by Popumon Tih



CHIANG RAI – Tourists are flocking to Chiang Saen Chiang Rai’ to Doi Sa-Ngo to check out the beautiful sea of fog from atop of the mountain as morning breaks.

The cold weather in Chiang Rai has made the northern province a popular tourist attraction, drawing in large crowds during weekends. Chiang Saen District, home to Doi Sa-Ngo, drew lots of visitors to the mountain top as the temperature at high altitudes has dropped for many days.

Tourists are gathering on Doi Sa-Ngo for the beautiful view, which includes a view of the Golden Triangle covering Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. The weather on top of the mountain was measured at 16 degrees celsius today, with strong winds throughout the day. Many of the tourists, equipped with winter gear, camped out in tents overnight at the hill top.

Some days temperatures dropped to lower than 10 degrees Celsius. Doi Sa-Ngo has turned into a new hot spot for tourists to get a beautiful view of the sea of fog and the irresistible sunrise. Parking is provided in the local village, from which a village vehicle will transport tourists up to the mountain top. Tourists can camp out in areas designated by authorities.

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