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Three Tourists Injured by Gunshots in Chiang Mai



Nimmanhemin Road Chiang Mai

Nimmanhemin Road Chiang Mai


CHIANG MAI – Three foreign tourists were injured by gunshots in Chiang Mai after a drunk university student opened fire at a restaurant because a waitress rejected him, police said.

 Don Praweenmeth

Don Praweenmeth

Chiang Mai police on Saturday arrested Don Praweenmeth, a 27-year-old sixth year medical student at a university in Bangkok.

Police said Mr Don confessed that he fired five shots from a 9mm handgun in a busy restaurant on Nimmanahaemin Road at about midnight.

The suspect said he was flirting with the waitress at the restaurant but she rejected him, and her boyfriend, who is a foreigner, later assaulted him.

Mr Don said he then brought out the gun from his car and fired it in the restaurant. He fled after the shooting but was later arrested at a house in the morning.

Police said the three injured foreign tourists were named as Nicholas Brown from Canada, Tae-yung Lee from Korea, and half Thai-Scot Morris Chaiyawat. They were taken to nearby hospitals.

Police charged Mr Don with attempted murder, carrying a firearm without a permit and possession of a firearm in a public area.

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