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Thick Fog and Frosty Cold Temperatures Hit Chiang Rai Province



What Rong Khun (White Temple)in Phan Chiang Rai blanketed on Thursday Morning. Fog

CHIANG RAI – Thick fog has once again covered most of Chiang Rai a morning temperatures in the mountains of the province dropped to five to six degrees Celsius.

The police advised motorists to use fog lights as visibility dropped to about 20 meters.

The fog followed temperatures of 12C – 14C late Wednesday night that further dropped to around 5C to 6C in the early morning.

Many villagers in the area lit fires and cover themselves with blankets to keep warm.

Hundreds of tourists stayed in tents on mountain top areas of the Province on Wednesday nigh to wait for the first sunlight and sea of mist in the morning.

Authorities in Chiang Rai Province have warned residents living in high altitude areas to brace for cold weather conditions and to drive carefully due to heavy blankets of fog during the morning.

Residents living in Wiang Pa Pao, Mae Fah Luang, Chiang Saen, and Wiang Kaen districts are advised to prepare for the chilly weather, as these districts are located on mountainous regions.

They are also advised to refrain from consuming alcohol to help cope with the cold weather, as it is a common misunderstanding that could lead to dangerous health problems


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