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Thai Government Plan to Extend Work Permits to 2 Years




CHIANG RAI –  Deputy Prime Minister Pridiyathorn Devakula revealed a plan to extend foreigners work permits to 2 years at yesterday’s forum of the 32nd Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) annual meeting in Chiang Rai.

The government plans to seek cabinet approval for its proposal to extend the maximum period of work permits for foreigners working in Thailand to two years from the current one year, as part of a range of measures aimed at attracting more foreign investment.

The government planned to propose the cabinet approve the work permit extension at the weekly meeting tomorrow. It was among measures designed to boost foreign investment in Thailand, Reported in the Bangkok Post

Other measures include a plan to give privileges to foreign investors for establishing regional headquarters in Thailand.

These measures have been created with a goal to turn Thailand into a “trading nation”, said MR Pridiyathorn, who is in charge of the government’s economic affairs.

The government will also push for a law amendment to set a time frame for the working procedures of police, prosecutors and courts in corruption cases. In addition, under the amendment, political position holders would have to leave their posts if the courts accept their corruption cases for trial.



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