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Thai Authorites Tighten Regulations for Tourists Entering Kingdom with Vehicles



Now, Chinese tourists are driving from Kunming to Chiang Rai

Now, Chinese tourists are driving from Kunming to Chiang Rai



CHIANG RAI – Foreign tourists wishing to bring their cars into Thailand during their stay here will be required to notify the Land Transport Department at least 10 days in advance and to insure their cars as part of a new regulation to regulate the influx of foreign cars especially from China.

The proposed ministerial regulation is a joint effort of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Land Transport Department to regulate cars brought into the country by tourists, especially Chinese, in light of a spate of car accidents involving Chinese vehicles.

An increasingly number of Chinese cars were brought into the country via Chiang Khong district of Chiang Rai by Chinese tourists prompting concern among authorities concerned because most of them do not know traffic regulations here and are not familiar with road conditions.

Under the proposed ministerial regulation, cars which are allowed into the country include vans or cars which can accommodate at most nine seats and pickup trucks weighing no more than 3,500 kgs.

The drivers will be required to seek a temporary licence from the provincial land transport office at least 10 days in advance through their tour agencies in Thailand.

Applications for the temporary licenses must be accompanied by the drivers’ passports, their car licenses and car insurance.

The temporary licenses are good for only 30 days and license fees are set at 500 baht plus another 500 baht for a temporary license plate for cars and 200 baht for motorcycles.


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