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Thai Agencies Involved in Cross Border Planning with Myanmar



Chiang Khong/ Houay Xai Mekong ferry

Chiang Khong/ Houay Xai Mekong ferry


CHIANG RAI – The Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning (DPT) and the Agricultural Land Reform Office (ARLO) are working on country planning in both sides of border areas to welcome the formation of the ASEAN Community.

The task will begin with Chiang Khong district of Chiang Rai province.

DPT director-general Monthol Sudprasert and ARLO secretary-general Veerachai Nakwiboonwong signed a memorandum of understanding for the joint country planning process.

Both sides would work out country planning to serve local demands and protect farmland

ARLO would provide land information and the DPT would plan development and design country planning and land use.

Mr Monthol said that the work would start in Chiang Khong district because it is an important location and there were vast areas for agricultural land reform.

He said that the planning would prepare border areas for trade and transport to support the formation of the ASEAN Community as the National Council for Peace and Order instructed.

Mr Veerachai said that the collaboration of both organizations would result in more orderly land use and that country planning would support future growth and changes.

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