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Police Kill 2 Drug Smugglers after Gunfight in Wiang Pa Pao District of Chiang Rai




CHIANG RAI – Police in Wiang Pa Pao District of Chiang Rai have shot and killed two men from Lampang Province after a firefight between the traffickers and narcotics suppression police.

Police opened fire when their pickup truck was stopped for a search, the men got out of their vehicle and proceeded to open fire on the police.

After five minutes of gunfire, police found Two men, identified later as Khomsan sae Song, 31, and Suchart sae Lee, 27 dead, with pistols beside their bodies.

Police found 5 million speed pills and 199 bars of heroin hidden under a load of vegetables, that the smugglers used to try and conceal the drug shipment.

Narcotics suppression police said they were tipped off that two men were transporting the drugs from Chiang Dao district, which borders Myanmar, of Chiang Mai province to Lampang.

By Geoff Thomas

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