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Police in Chiang Rai Seize Assets of Suspected Drug Traffickers




CHIANG RAI – The Deputy Commissioner of Provincial Police Region 5 and Chiang Rai District Police Chief held a joint press conference to announce the assets seizure of two suspected drug smugglers in Chiang Rai.

Police and related authorities seized the assets of Mr. Veera Muen Da, age 34, and Mrs. Saeng Muen Da, age 51 in two separate locations of Chiang Rai Province.

Police officers were dispatched to three locations in Amphur Muang and Amphoe Mae Suai, three houses, 33 acres of land and a total of 412,942.82 baht were seized by authorities.

Police also issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Veera Muen Da and Mrs. Saeng Muen Da, whom they believe fled over the border to Myanmar to escape prosecution.

Major Gen. Panupadee said that the network of Mr. Veer is a large group of traders associated with several drug lords in Myanmar.

Mr. Veera and Mrs. Saeng allegedly transported drugs produced in Myanmar through Mae Suai district to Phitsanulok, from there they were distribute to the northeast and central area’s of Thailand.

Gen. Panupadee said the authorities continue to follow the movement of the syndicate and have expanded efforts to cut their financial channels.

Police are coordinated with officials in Myanmar in the pursuit of Mr. Veer and Mrs. Saeng.

By Geoff Thomas



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