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Phu Chi Fa National Park Chief Makes Appeal for Visitors to Stop Littering




CHIANG RAI – The winter season at Mount Phu Chi Fa in Chiang Rai’s Toeng district is attracting thousands of visitors coming to see the seas of mist, most spectacularly seen as the morning dawns.

But unfortunately, a lot of visitors bring along coffee and food in foam containers and leave the trash scattered around, said Sanit Homnan, chief of Phu Chi Fa National Park.

Sanit said currently 1,500 to 2,000 tourists were on the mountaintop every morning and 5,000 in all throughout the day. Sanit said the last number could rise to 20,000 closer to year-end.

The temperature on Friday was 11 to 15 degrees Celsius at various spots on the slopes.

But he appealed to tourists to not bring food or drinks in foam and plastic containers, which are too often discarded because visitors are tired after climbing 700 metres.

He recommended they finish their breakfast before heading up the mountain.

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