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Much Need Rain Predicted for Chiang Rai



Heavy rain clouds hover over Chiang Saen


CHIANG RAI – After a the longest drought in 20 years the Thailand’s Meteorological Department, has predicted that Chiang Rai and other parts of Northern Thailand will finally experience heavy rain fall.

The head of the Chiang Rai disaster prevention and mitigation office said the drought situation has been aggravated with many rivers having dried up.

More than 120,000 rais of rice paddy and crops have been damaged and more than 78,000 families have been affected by lack of water.

It will also rain in most part of the Northeast of Thailand with heavy rains forecast in the upper part of the region. 40% of the Central Plains will experience wet weather conditions.

Residents on the east coast are told to brace for thundershowers predicted to occur in 60% of the region. It will also rain in most part of the South of Thailand. Bangkok and its vicinity can expect to go through the same weather conditions tomorrow.

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