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Heavy Rains Causes Flooding in Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai Border Market



The Mae Sai river that divides Thailand and Myanmar overflowed its banks on both sides of the border. – File Photo

CHIANG RAI – The Border market area in the Mae Sai district of Chiang Rai was flooded after Mae Sai river overflowed banks and flooded houses and border markets along both sides of the river.

The water level in the fast-flowing Mae Sai river overflowed banks following continuous rains that lashed Chiang Rai and several other northern provinces during the past few days and yesterday.

The fast rising water caused concern for local residents living on both banks of the Mae Sai river as they watched the water surging into the Thalor market and the parking area of a duty-free shop in Myanmar’s  Tachileik province.

Meanwhile the water level in the Kok river which flows past Chiang Rai town also rose quickly and strongly.

The strong current swept away a sand sucking boat of a private firm and boats and pontoon of Chiang Rai Provincial Administration. All were swept and stuck at a water gate of a dyke  blocking the flow of water from the river to the Mekong river.

The blockade caused the river water to spill over the bank and inundate houses and shops in the area. At some location, the flood is over one metre high.

Owner of the sucking boat still could not salvage the boat as the current remained strong.

The Meteorological Department issued a weather warning of the approaching tropical storm “Sonca” which is now moving westward from the upper South China Sea to the Vietnamese shore and is expected to come ashore today.

The storm will have widespread impact on Thailand with heavy to very heavy rains in most parts of the country until it Saturday.

The warning, issued at 9am today, said the tropical storm “Sonca” over the upper South China Sea was centered about 190 kilometers east of Vinh, Vietnam.

People should beware of severe weather conditions that cause possible flash floods until 28 July 2017, the department said. All travelers should stay tuned for the weather update.

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