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Foreign Bus Passengers Dumped and Money Stolen in Chiang Mai



Five tourists travelling to Chiang Mai on S.O.T. Tour were abandoned in a petrol station and discovered that a total of over 100,000 baht was stolen. – Photo CityNews



CHIANG MAI – Pol Col Piyaphan Pattharapongsin, deputy superintendent of Chiang Mai police, has reported that police seized a tour bus in Saraphi district of Chiang Mai on Monday after five foreign tourists lodged a complaint that they were robbed.

The five tourists reported to Chiang Mai Police that they were dumped at a gas station in Saraphi district instead of their destination in Chiang Mai township and that foreign currencies cash kept in their baggage stored in the baggage room of the bus were stolen.

Chiang Mai’s CityNews reported that 23 year-old Israeli Tomer Chernovski was missing 1,000 dollars, 22 year-old Rafael David Vales was missing 650 dollars and 4,000 baht, 22 year-old Daniel de Bulhoes Carralha was missing 600 dollars, 22 year-old Victor Fellman Adesse was missing 200 dollars, and 21 year-old Jamme Sivak Morelenbaum was missing 80,000 baht.

After receiving the complaint, the police conducted a search and eventually found the bus parked at a garage. The driver and the bus attendants were then taken to the police station for questioning in front of the five complainants who correctly identified the driver.

Police searched the bus and found there was a passage way through which the bus driver could get down to the storeroom under bus where luggage were kept. But the driver and the attendants claimed the passage was normal and available in all tour buses. They also denied they stole the passengers’ money.

Pol Col Piyaphan Pattharapongsin, deputy superintendent of Chiang Mai police, told Thai PBS that police could not detain the bus driver and the attendants because there was no evidence or eyewitnesses to prove that they committed the theft.

However, he said the bus would be impounded at the Saraphi police station to be examined to determine whether the passage was modified for thievery purpose or not.

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