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Flood Situation in Mae Sai Eases, Life Returning to Normal



Mae Sai River, border of Mae Sai, Thailand and Tha Khi Lek, Myanmar

Mae Sai River, border of Mae Sai, Thailand and Tha Khi Lek, Myanmar

CHIANG RAI – The Mae Sai Chief District Officer, has acknowledged that the floods have receded and the situation has returned to normal. The cleanup of all important business quarters was carried out on Sunday to prepare for a normal working week.

Mae Sai Chief District Officer, Somchai Roongsakorn, noted that after the flood situation returned to normal, municipality officers with related departments hastened to restore all the business areas. However, traders could have been worse affected, but there were timely warnings from the government and the experience gained in the past year. Earlier, Mae Sai had planned with Myanmar to prevent future flooding by dredging, wall building, and a flood warning system.

The Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge, which is only 3 meters above the water level, wasn’t much affected by the flood, however, the Chiang Rai Governor has insisted that the Chiang Rai Highway District reconstruct and expand the bridge in support of the AEC, beginning in 2015.

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