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Family Devastated After Father Backs Over One Year-Old Daughter in Wiang Kaen District



CHIANG RAI – Deputy Inspector, Wiang Kaen Police Station, Dr. Arthit Noathai, has told Thai media that a 1 year-old girl was accidentally killed in a vehicle accident in Wiang Kaen District in Chiang Rai Province.

Upon arriving at the scene at a one-story house in the Wiang Kaen district, Dr. Arthit and rescue workers found a mother sitting crying embracing the broken body of her 1 year, 4 month old daughter. Next to the home officials found the distraught father sobbing in his Toyota pickup, which had blood stains on the left rear wheel.

The distraught father told investigators he came out to the garage to go to work and his daughter followed him out to pickup, he led the child back into the house and went back to his Truck.

Without knowing his daughter had followed him back to his truck.

Without seeing his daughter and thinking she was safe in the house he proceeded to back up, tragically running her over and killing her instantly.

The investigation officers brought the body of the you girl to the local hospital for a mandatory autopsy.

Police said they would investigate the accident further before deciding if further legal proceedings were needed.

By Geoff Thomas

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