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Developer Proposes Bt40 Billion Trin Nakara Golden Triangle “The City of Harmonious Living” in Chiang Saen




CHIANG RAI – Trin Innovation Group Co Ltd has announced plans to spend Bt40 billion to develop a mixed-used project on more than 3,000 rai in Chiang Rai province that chief executive Trin Nilprasert says will be transformed into “The City of Harmonious Living”.

Trin said that, aside from the company’s own funds, the project – called Trin Nakara Golden Triangle – would also draw investment from foreign entities in the Asean region and farther afield, including Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, mainland China and the United States.

The 3,139-rai site covers three sub-districts – Wiang-Nok, Pasak and Yonok – in the Chiang Saen district of Chiang Rai.

Trin said the project incorporates five key features: synergy, involving collaboration with the public sector and local communities; economic drive, under which GDP will be boosted and jobs created through the development of industry and service businesses; ecology, with a focus on environmental protection; innovation, to be applied in architectural, engineering and environmental areas; and smart tourism, under which visitors will be lured by world-class standards in terms of location, expertise and cultural exchange.

“An emphasis on preserving the natural habitat and the beauty of surroundings will be a main feature of the design concept.

The site will be divided into several zones including those with 5-star to 7-star rated holiday facilities, and with what Trin calls a world-class health centre, condominiums, a premium shopping complex, souvenir shops, an international convention centre and community and local product (OTOP) stores.

“In addition, there will be areas set aside for agricultural, cultural, and medical tourism facilities,” Trin said. “Utilising innovative and modern design, along with the latest construction technology, the main concept of Trin Nakara Golden Triangle will focus on convenience and individuality while still retaining the originality and traditional culture of the local environment.

“An emphasis on preserving the natural habitat and the beauty of surroundings will be a main feature of the design concept. Project development and construction management will be spearheaded by SPAN Consultants Co., Ltd.

The company has extensive experience in the development, planning, and construction of projects in Thailand.”

He said the project is expected to create over 10,000 jobs, including those for labourers through to service professionals and industry experts.

“The City of Harmonious Living”, where the Chiang Saen’s values, potentials, and innovative living are perfectly well synchronized.

Trin points to Chiang Saen as having high potential in various aspects as the government has designated Chiang Rai province as a special economic development zones of phase two development.

“Chiang Saen is at the border of three cultural areas of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos, enriched with a variety of tribal cultures,” he said.

“Situated along the Mekong River, Chiang Saen is well-known for its natural beauty, rich traditions and cultural heritage, and friendly local people. Chiang Saen was actually the location of the ancient Yonok kingdom, so it has unique attributes with historical sites and cultural heritage. As a relatively new tourist city, Chiang Saen significantly attracts foreign investment.”

The largest Thai national flag flown from a flagpole was recorded in Chiang Rai province by Guinness World Records.

Chiang Saen will also the see the construction of the world’s tallest flagpole, at 189 metres. It will proudly fly a Thai flag 60 metres wide by 40 metres, which will be visible from 20 kilometres away.

The flagpole will be built by Trident Support LLC from the United States, which has built seven flagpoles around the world that have broken records for height.

The Chiang Saen flagpole will be recorded in the Guinness World Records as the world’s tallest flagpole. In this way it will be boost tourism in the Chiang Saen area and broader Chiang Rai region. It will take about a year to build.

Source: The Nation


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