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Colder Weather and Winds Presdicted for Northern Thailand



Tourists still flock to Phu Chi Fa to see the morning sun rise and experience cool temperatures.



CHIANG RAI – Thailand’s Meteorological Department has announced that northern Thailand residents to take care of their physical health because of the cold weather as temperatures are dropping 2-4 degrees Celsius from today (Sunday) until Tuesday due to the onset of high pressure from China.

The Northern region is predicted to experience cold weather and strong winds with minimum temperatures expected to dip to 13-17 C and maximum temperatures up to 27C.

In Bangkok on Sunday, minimum temperature ranges from 21-23 degrees Celsius while maximum wage are predicted at between 33-34 degrees Celsius. It is cool and windy with northeastern wind speed ranges from 15-30 kph.

While people living along the eastern coast of southern Thailand to brace for high waves and strong winds. Fishermen and sailors of small vessels were told not to venture out into the sea for their own safety.

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