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Chiang Rai’s Wiang Pa Pao District Facing Water Shortage



Thai Army drilling groundwater wells in search of water for fields

Thai Army drilling in search of groundwater for drought hit fields


CHIANG RAI -The drought-affected community of Wiang Pa Pao district of Chiang Rai has had to pump up groundwater to feed agricultural crops, using the extra state budget of 5 million baht per subdistrict.

Mr Thongchai Thakaew, Chief of San Sali subdistrict, Wiang Pa Pao district said, many natural water sources in Chiang Rai have dried up and local agriculturists are facing risks of crop damage from water shortages.

Mr Thongchai Thakaew, revealed that 300,000 baht has been taken out of the 5-million-baht budget, which was allocated by the government to each subdistrict earlier, in order to supply additional water to farmland.

Mr Thongchai elaborated that the money is being spent on excavating a groundwater well and procuring water pumping machines, with an aim to replenish the depleted Nong Pham Reservoir, which serves as the main water source of the local community.

Farmers have been able to use the groundwater on their plantations, which total around 1,500 rai, and have dug new ponds to store the water for future use.

The current drought situation in San Sali subdistrict is considered the most severe in many years. However, thanks to the extra state budget, residents can better cope with the crisis and can manage their water resources more effectively.

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