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Chiang Rai’s Meng Rai Maharaj Army Base Hit with Anti-Coup Graffiti



Thai soldier in front of a wall with graffiti

Thai soldier in front of a wall with graffiti

CHIANG RAI – Anti-coup graffiti with messages and symbols were found painted near Chiang Rai’s Meng Rai Maharaj army base that the interior minister was scheduled to visit on Saturday.

Military Officials said Anti-coup protesters had managed to elude security checkpoints set up around the Meng Rai Maharaj base to spray-paint the messages at seven locations on Friday night.

Military police discovered the messages, as well as depictions of the three-finger salute from The Hunger Games, on Saturday morning.

As well, a poster was found in front of Mae Fah Laung University with sarcastic remarks about the three-finger salute ban.

Gen Anupong Paojinda, the interior minister and a former army chief, was scheduled to give a speech there.

Similar messages to those found around the army base were also seen in some other spots in front of the university.

Authorities cleaned up all the text and signs and posted guards to prevent further protests.

The university was the site of a meeting of the Thai Chamber of Commerce on Saturday. Gen Anupong addressed the event on the topic “The Interior Ministry and Regional Economic Drive”.

Meanwhile, First-day ticket sales of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 in Thailand were 13.6 million baht, an increase of 20% from the last episode, Catching Fire, a year ago.

The early results suggest local box-office receipts for the movie won’t suffer, and may even benefit, from the association with anti-coup protests. Activists have adopted the three-finger salute used by the young protagonists in the movie as their symbol.

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