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Chiang Rai’s Khun Korn Waterfalls Temporarily Closed after Flash Flooding



CHIANG RAI – Park Officials at Lam Nam Kok National Park have temporary closed the Khun Korn Waterfalls after a flash flood swept through the area, damaging more than 100 raft used for tourism.

The 70-metre-tall waterfall, located near Muang Chiang Rai was closed as a safety precaution and said to re-open after Friday.
Residents of Tambon Mae Korn are cleaning up and repairing the damage caused to 50 riverside shops and more than 100 rafts by the sudden and swift-moving flood.
Heavy rains and thunder storms are common at this time of year in Northern Thailand.
Lam Nam Kok National Park has steeply sloped mountains alternating with narrow plain. The main mountain ridges are Doi Yao, Doi Bo, Doi Chang and Doi Pha Mup. Maenam Kok is the major river in this area, which originates from Myanmar and flows past the boundary of Thailand at Thaton sub-district of Chiang Rai, flowing west to the east and covering a total distance of about 85km from Thaton to the national park.
Khoon Korn Waterfalls Botanical Garden is located in the area of Tambon Mae Korn and Tambon Huay Chompoo, Muang District, Chiang Rai Province which falls within the left side of Pa Mae Lao and right side of Pa Mae Kok National Forest Reserves.

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