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Chiang Rai Residents Bundle Up as Temperatures Drop



Motorcyclist bundle up as temperatures drop in Chiang Rai

Motorcyclist bundle up as temperatures dropped to 18.5 degrees in Chiang Rai



CHIANG RAI – The lowest temperature in Chiang Rai on Sunday was 18.5 degrees Celsius, decreasing from yesterday by 2 degrees Celsius.

The provincial meteorological department advises people in Chiang Rai to prepare winter clothes since the temperatures will drop further.

A colder weather was reported on Sunday in Chiang Rai with lower temperatures at the Doi Wao Buddha’s Relics Temple in Mae Sai district. The temple overlooks fog-covered mountains in Tachileik province in the neighboring Myanmar.

Due to heavy fog in Mae Sai district, motorcyclists are advised to ride with the headlight on in order to prevent a road accident.

The cold weather from southern China is expected to arrive in Mae Sai before other districts in the northern region of Thailand this week.

In neighboring Nan province, temperatures on the mountain tops have decreased to as low as 13 degrees Celsius, while temperatures in the city center have dropped to 16 to 17 degrees. Locals have been flocking to stores purchase winter gear.

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