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Chiang Rai Public Reminded of Potential Accidents During Loi Krathong




Most accidents during the festival were falling and drowning



CHIANG RAI  – The National Institute for Emergency Medicine (NIEM) Secretary-General Anucha Setthasathienhas warned the public to be vigilant for emergency accidents that are prone to happen, on Loi Krathong Day.

Secretary-General Anucha Setthasathien has warned the public on the accidents that often happen on Loi Krathong Day (25 November 2015), urging the public to prepare for accidents or acute illness, especially in young children.

He added that the most likely accidents during the festival were falling and drowning, which the main reasons being the over crowding of venues and alcohol intoxication.

Anucha Setthasathien said that all parents are encouraged to accompany their children and make sure they are not by the water banks alone, extending the warning to fireworks locations as well.

The general public are also encouraged to keep in mind the safety precautions, obey instructions from officials, and to report any case of emergency illness to the 1669 emergency hot-line.

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