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Chiang Rai Province Holds Earthquake Drills



 Thai paramedics attend to 'victim volunteers'

Thai paramedics attend to ‘victim volunteers’


CHIANG RAI – The Office of Governor Phongsak Wangsamer of Chiang Rai Province has reported that Officials for Provincial Departments held a major earthquake drill on Friday to get every unit prepared for possible major tremors in the future.

On 5th May last year, the province was hit by a 6.3-magnitude earthquake with a seven-kilometer-deep epicenter in Phan district. The event caused huge damage to homes and infrastructure in the area. It was the country’s strongest earthquake so far.

Friday’s drill was based on the scenario of a 6.7 magnitude quake hitting the province, causing the Mae Chan’s district school and hospital to collapse with many people killed and injured. In the drill, rescue units were united in their efforts to rescue and mitigate the emergency situation.

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