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Chiang Rai Firefighter Called to Tachileik, Myanmar to Help Extinguish Fire



Most of the houses in the fire were made of wood.

35 houses in the fire were made of wood, which fuled the fire – File Photo


CHIANG RAI – Fire trucks and firefighting personnel from Mae Sai were sent to Tachileik, Myanmar to assist in a severe fire that damaged and or destroyed more than 35 houses.

The fire broke out on Saturday night in a Tachileik village near the Shwedagon Pagoda. Fire trucks and firefighters from Mae Sai district crossed the Thai-Myanmar border to help tackle the raging blaze.

Firefighting officials said it took a long time for the firefighters to extinguish the fire since the site was heavily populated and most of the houses there were made of wood.

No fatalities have been reported. The cause of the accident was likely an electrical fault.

The Chiang Rai provincial authority, military units and private organizations on Sunday handed out supplies, rice and dried food to the affected people.

By Suwit Rattiwan
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