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Chiang Rai Brothers Become On-Line Entrepreneurs with Facebook Store



14 year-old Ramin "Plan" Kangwannakun and his 9 year-old brother Nara "Poon"

14 year-old Ramin “Plan” Kangwannakun and his 9 year-old brother Nara “Poon”


CHIANG RAI – Two young brotherw from the Mae Sai distric have become an on-line sensation by creating a unique collection of innovative handmade home decor and fashion designs that capture the life cycle of local bugs and rural life.

14 year-old Ramin “Plan” Kangwannakun and his 9 year-old brother Nara “Poon” set up their Plan & Poon online shop on Facebook in 2014, offering pillows that resemble beetles and ladybirds, crocheted hats and hand-screened T-shirts.


9 Year-old Nara “Poon”, shows off his drawing skills in a series of handmade cotton books depicting how beetles are born and grow up. The feedback was good and now the page has more than 1,200 followers.

His older brother Ramin,14, told the Nation that, his father worked at a Len Dai toy museum in Mae Suai district, Chiang Rai and my mother has produced wholesale fabric doll pillows, so we have always been familiar with handicrafts.

“Today, my parents are homeschooling us, focusing on educating from practices in daily life rather than textbooks Ramin said.

I often search information from specialists in the community or from the Internet sometimes.


“My mother has taught us stitching to improve our concentration. I also have raised beetles since I was six to learn about life cycles and the environment. I have to ferment soil to feed them and that inspired me to open an online shop to earn money for my insect farm. I think I should start from what I understand.”

The latest designs were introduced to urban shoppers at the recent Baan Lae Suan Midyear Fair. Their designs got inspiration from six species of scarab beetle, giraffe-stag beetle, fighting beetle, fighting stag beetle, giant rhinoceros beetle and the ladybird.


Perfect to mix and pair with jeans, there are 100 different designs of cotton T-shirts for kids and adults. They also expanded a product line to include scarab beetle-like fabric key chains and magnets with embroidery, do-it-yourself embroidery kit sets, beetle-like wall hooks and pillows in different sizes and designs that explain the life cycle of beetles.

“When we have plenty of orders, we team up with villagers to create our products. This is another way to distribute work in the community and help people earn more money,” Ramin says.


“Now, I’m working with distributor in Chachoensao province to create an exclusive collection of Buprestis beetle-shaped chairs, which will be installed in a park to encourage children’s imagination.”

Find out more at the “Plan&Poon” Facebook page.

By Pattarawadee Saengmanee

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